This is an Auspicious Day. Unrepeatable.

This is an Auspicious Day. Unrepeatable.

Today, we launch Tessellati. And we have you to thank. We launch with an existing client roster that knows us well. We’ve been serving some of the most well-known institutions in the world for more than 20 years. 

Over the decades, we have gained a meaningful depth of experience because our clients, bosses, staff and partners have taught us and given us challenges that allowed us to shine. They’ve seen the fire in our eyes. And when our clients talk about our work (we often use them as references), they say things like:

  • They are on top of it. We can’t keep up with them.
  • Bring the intellect and analytical problem-solving skills along with the humility and work ethic to do the job well, whatever it takes.
  • Implement decisions immediately.
  • Move easily between process and content to assist clients around obstacles, yet not sacrifice quality of project.

These process-related comments are essential to whom we are as individuals and as the Tessellati team. Every marketing agency will tell you about their depth of thinking and intense creativity. Sure, that is us. Wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t have that. But to do a really great job, a marketing team needs to follow through on deliverables… consistently. That speaks to a record of success beyond the hype of “we’re smarter than the next guy.”

In 1992 Waxman Communications launched at about the same time that desktop computers arrived on the business scene. Terminals at every desk! Can you imagine?

We re-launch today with a sincere thank you to all of you, our clients and colleagues, for sticking with us, giving us great opportunities to produce results for you… repeatedly. If you recall your 5th grade math, a tessellation is a repeating artistic pattern based on a mathematic formula. Think mosaics, intricate brick work, neck tie patterns. Tessellations are all around us, in flowers we pick, the carpets we walk on, the clothing we wear. Look for them, and think of us.

Tessellati sees marketing as the convergence of art and math. Where creative, compelling design is only as valuable as the business results it can generate…repeatedly.

We have a long track record of creativity producing repeated results. Our track record exists because of you.