Can You Get Your Target Followers to Promote You?

Can You Get Your Target Followers to Promote You?

You can spend hours creating and perfecting content for your website/twitter feed/blog or other digital platforms. But if all your followers do is take a look, muster a quick ‘huh’, and move on, you’ve failed to engage them. True success in digital marketing is when your content is deemed share-worthy.

Because in the digital world, sharing is caring. 
Think about the last time you read or viewed something online and thought ‘that’s so interesting’, ‘that’s so useful’, ‘that’s really funny’, or ‘wow, I never knew that’. Then think about what you likely did immediately after. You shared it.

Like tossing a stone into a pond and watching how far the ripples reach, the foundation of digital engagement is built upon sharing. Your message is the stone, and your ‘shares’ are the ripples.

Here are a few tips on how your content can make some waves:

  • With smartphones practically becoming a permanent appendage, it is essential that your images, videos and other content be easy to display and share on mobile devices through social sharing options.
  • Create content that interests or amuses your audience enough that their first instinct is to share it with their friends or specific people they know would appreciate your content. And hopefully their friends share it with their friends. And so on and so on.
  • When possible, chime in on trending topics specific to your industry without being too controversial. If your subject is on point, the likeliness that it will be shared increases.
  • Consider utilizing influencers in your market for content. By asking for their opinion, a quote, or an industry tip, you virtually guarantee that your content will be shared by the influencer and their followers. More ripples for you!

Creating interesting content that is on trend and easily shareable promotes your business. Because sharing shows caring- that you care enough about your audience to provide quality content, and that your audience cares enough about that content to pass it along.

Crafting targeted, engaging content takes time, industry knowledge and consistent attention. This is not a one and done exercise. We’re here to help, and happy to share.