Xiaofei Gan, Digital Marketing Associate


After studying public administration at Northeastern University in Shenyang in Northern China, Xiaofei (pronounced Shau-fay) left her home in Shanghai to pursue her undergraduate degree at Duke University with a focus on public and education policy. These interests led her to work in Duke’s office of international student recruitment where she maintained their Chinese social media accounts among other enrollment-related work focused on China.

Xiaofei’s dual concentration brings a unique and valuable perspective to Tessellati’s client work. Bi-lingual in English and Mandarin with basic abilities in French, she offers an inter-cultural perspective to our international branding and marketing projects.

Xiaofei’s interest in social media and her ever-present curiosity about all things digital underpin her management of a range of online and digital email and social media marketing and analytics tools that we employ for a range of clients. As an international student who has studied on two vastly different continents and vacillating between Western and Chinese social media with ease, Xiaofei is an asset to each client project she undertakes. Her qualitative and quantitative research background support our company focus on using analytics to drive marketing decisions.

Xiaofei has worked in the United Nations office in Geneva as a liaison between 220 state delegates for the Human Rights Council. A position like that requires the patience of a saint and a vibrant sense of humor. Thankfully, Xioafei posses both.