Kellie Faulkner, Director of
Marketing Strategy


Kellie Faulkner

Kellie’s strengths are clear from the first time you meet her. Her background in getting people to open up and share their ideas spans work in academia, software training, and yes, even fitness instruction. It may sound varied, and it is. And that is why Kellie’s collaborative spirit is so valuable to the team at Tessellati and to our clients.

Her previous positions with student recruitment and marketing at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and Full Sail University in Orlando speak directly to her ability to help our university and private high school clients as they struggle to remain competitive and identify their differentiators. She has also worked for a range of established and start-up healthcare innovators around staffing recruitment, electronic medical records and medical credentialing. From emerging media to digital to print campaigns, she has considered how best to reach targeted audiences with compelling information and offers.

Kellie’s ability to listen to and communicate clients’ needs is complemented by her ability to develop project plans and execute on them. Just to keep it interesting, as if all of the above where not enough, Kellie blogs about health, beauty and fitness in her personal life and is a licensed fitness and Zumba instructor. She brings her high energy to our team and our clients, inspiring those around her.