Elizabeth Frederick, Marketing Director


During the heady days of the explosive tech boom, Razorfish applied the Internet revolution to some of the largest domestic and international brands around. Elizabeth was there to help that marketing agency grow rapidly and lead specific client-focused initiatives (Groupe Clarins, Legg Mason, and others). The daughter of an academic librarian and a pharmacist, Elizabeth was naturally drawn to specializing in healthcare and academia. With a direct and extremely tactful style, she brings her strong client serving skills and knowledge of technology to every project.

As clients approach us to help develop and implement a marketing plan, Elizabeth’s clear communications and writing skills help her conceptualize and convey branding strategies and messages. As the plans move forward, she coordinates creative, editorial and production processes for digital media projects, corporate and community newsletters, executive training programs, research reports, articles, and fundraising initiatives. She understands user experience and advocates for simplicity and a clear focus on audience segmentation. Fortunately, she understands information architecture enough to speak that language.

Speaking of languages, did we mention that Elizabeth is fluent in French and can get by quite well in Russian? Or that she plays the organ and piano? Rounding out the human element, Elizabeth has very prominent community commitment veins running through both hands and is involved in many local non-profit initiatives.

Elizabeth holds a BA from Wellesley College.