Elaine Santoyo Goldman, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager

Elaine Santoyo Goldman
Elaine has always been curious about human behavior and learning from other cultures. It’s this curiosity that brought her to Tessellati and influences her eclectic educational and professional pursuits. She received a BA in psychology (with a minor in Spanish) from The University of South Carolina. She also holds a Masters in Global Marketing Communications from Emerson College.

Prior to joining us, Elaine worked for over a decade in hotel operations management for a variety of specialty properties in the Boston area. Her favorite aspect of this industry was the constant interaction with a diverse international clientele. Elaine’s passionate commitment to customer service, brand awareness and creating personalized connections continues to infuse everything she does. As Senior Marketing Communications Manager, her attention to detail, adaptability and creativity are equally an asset here. Her hospitality background gave her a keen sense of how to evaluate differentiators and adjust messaging and services to an eclectic audience, a skill she now applies to developing marketing strategies for Tessellati clients.

Elaine brings a unique perspective as a first-generation American. She is fluent in Spanish (her native language) and honors her Hispanic heritage by conducting research on her family tree, preserving stories and preparing traditional family recipes.

In her spare time, Elaine enjoys painting, cooking and running. Elaine has run 4 marathons and her dream is to one day qualify for the Boston Marathon, (despite a pesky weak hip that keeps foiling her plans)!

Elaine brings the mental tenacity and positive approach necessary in endurance sports to projects at Tessellati, simultaneously focusing on the intricate details without losing site of the larger picture.