Chris Clark, Creative Director

In 1995, Chris started his graphic design shop, Cave Dog Studio. Working primarily as a freelancer and sole proprietor of Cave Dog, he helped guide projects and produce award-winning designs for a wide range of clients for nearly 20 years. Chris and Ben began their working collaboration in 2010, deepening and strengthening that relationship to the point where a joint effort under the aegis of Tessellati was a natural next step.

Chris’ extensive experience in print and digital design, plus a wide range of interests outside of the office gives him a uniquely deep and incisive creative voice. He believes that effective and convincing communication relies on a broad range of input and ideas, drawing not only from obvious cues, but tying in subtler concepts to build a more fully realized and effective solution.

Beyond the big words and high-concept phrases, good design must communicate clearly and decisively. Chris always strives to hone Tessellati’s design approach to the most effective, simplest form, supporting and reinforcing the clients’ goals. Clean and simple design is not necessarily the quickest or easiest solution, but it is nearly always the best one. Chris works tirelessly to keep that focus and deliver the best possible result to Tessellati clients.