Cathryn Andrews, Marketing Communications Manager

Cathryn Andrews
Cathryn has always been curious about other cultures and ways of living. She has studied in three countries, carrying with her an energy and zest for life. As a recent graduate, Cathryn brings to the team a fresh perspective and a positive outlook. She graduated from the University of Kent, UK with an MSc in Marketing and a BA in Communications from Assumption College. Her drive to explore and excel has propelled her to Tessellati, where her passion for new and unique experiences translates well into her work.

Cathryn’s previous marketing experience includes creating digital content to promote study abroad programs through blogging, web content and social media. She also has experience using analytics to measure the impact of social media marketing. Her attention to detail makes her a strong copywriter and editor and her background in graphic design and photography gives her a sense of visual aesthetics that continually informs her work. Cathryn brings a grounded perspective that ties the boundless nature of creativity to a practical understanding of business practices. Her combination of abstract and analytical skill serve our clients well as we develop and launch our marketing plans. When she is not working, Cathryn enjoys yoga and other athletic pursuits that help her stay relaxed and focused.