Benjamin Waxman, President

Ben Waxman
Ben has been managing marketing teams of internal and freelance talent since the early 1990s to achieve specific client goals. He enjoys leading the discussions that result in branding strategies and the tactical execution plans.

Ben’s focus is on putting the right people and tools in place, aligning the stakeholders and nurturing the creative process. His entrepreneurial spirit has driven him to launch five companies in two decades. Three of them are still operating successfully. He’ll tell you the other two did not have enough of a marketing budget to remain viable ;-).

Ben’s heart never leaves his work. Having founded, directed, staffed, volunteered for and consulted to a range of institutional non-profits during the past 25 years, he brings significant experience applying corporate marketing and communications approaches to development initiatives for the non-profit sector.

Ben has traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East and less extensively in Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, and China. Ben is often sought out to speak on emerging marketing trends at national and international conferences and workshops.

Ben holds a BA in English from Wesleyan University and an MBA from Northeastern University.