20+ Years of Subject Matter Expertise


We help organizations with complex services sell to educated professionals.


Our clients provide services that matter profoundly to their specific audiences. We understand the inner workings of large institutions from corporate consulting firms to non-profit academic medical centers. See our client list here.

Our team at Tessellati helps you identify, package and market intangible services using concrete and compelling offers. From conveying the value of a technology back-end service to developing the fundraising strategy that will scale the annual campaign, we have the industry experience to help.

Where difficult strategic marketing decisions need to be made with confidence, we provide the data and real-world perspective that help you move forward.

Specialized, Focused, Rapid Response


Projects we tackle tend to address complex issues, products and services that require a bit of education before the audience understands the value. The trick is to make that educational bit as brief and compelling as possible to draw the prospect into a conversation and ultimately the sale.

We bring agility paired with industry knowledge in professional services, management consulting, technology, healthcare, academia and publishing.

We understand marketing as the convergence of creative art and steadfast business execution. From strategy to implementation, we handle all aspects of marketing initiatives, managing internal teams, external vendors, project timelines and budgets.

We approach marketing projects with an eye for business development opportunities and a persuasive, diplomatic style useful in bringing prospective partners to the table. We offer the drive and talent to evaluate ambiguous situations and relevant data, develop a workable plan and implement it.

Our clients value our solid skills in strategic planning and the way we build internal and external relationships to push projects forward. We employ our extensive experience overseeing and motivating virtual teams and our knowledge of marketing trends, technology/web-based tools and social media. We are accustomed to working with, and presenting to, high-level decision makers.

Open Door Policy

We welcome new ideas and are eager to consider possibilities. We prefer to be contacted by phone or email. Please get in touch and we can determine together whether our services can help you achieve your goals.